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Effective immediately, there is a revised cost structure for article publication in Scopus Indexed Journals under the IAR Publication Grant.

  • The total cost of article publication in a Scopus Indexed Journal is now capped at BDT 200,000/-. This limit encompasses all associated expense. All other existing terms and conditions applicable to the IAR Publication Grant remain in force. Authors are requested to adhere to these guidelines alongside the revised cost limitation while applying for administrative approval.

Institute for Advanced Research Publication Grant- Application Guidelines

Institute for Advanced Research of United International University functions to promote high quality Research and Publication activities. With end in view, IAR has taken initiatives to award supplementary publication fees for publishing papers in Scopus indexed Journals.

Eligibility Criteria/Terms and Conditions

1.  The applicant must be a full-time faculty member of United International University at the time of application and reimbursement.

2. IAR will provide the partial/full publication expenses for the article published in Scopus Indexed Journal. In case, one or more than one author is from other institution(s) (other than UIU) partial fund should be sought from that/those institutions as well.

3. The article needs to be published in a Q1 or Q2 journal that is required to be indexed by Scopus for 5 consecutive years at the time of application.  Scopus provided quartile information is available in Scimago Journal & Country Rank website (Link: 

4. The Author(s), in the publication, must acknowledge that the publication was financed by the Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), United International University (UIU) mentioning the reference number of the IAR Publication Grant.

5. The author affiliation of all the authors/co-authors from UIU must mention their affiliation as UIU.

6. Usually, publication is the outcome of collaborative works and may have multiple participants as authors/contributors. Only one application will be entertained for one published paper.

7. Applicant(s) must not accept fund from anywhere else for the amount of money received from IAR, UIU. Any changes or addition in the contribution must be informed to the IAR authority. 

8. Papers having co-authors of foreign affiliation will have to bear a part of the publication cost. For only one such co-author, UIU will pay 75% of the publication charges. If there is more than one co-author having foreign affiliation, UIU will bear 60% of the publication cost.

9. Papers having co-authors from other Bangladeshi universities only (no foreign authors), UIU will bear 85% of the publication cost.

Application Process:

Approval:  A prior approval will be required from the Executive Director, IAR for the intended amount for publication charges before submitting the paper. The applicant will have to submit an application containing the details of publication and expenses. Once the Grant is approved, a reference number will be provided from IAR office for the Acknowledgement section of the publication.

Reimbursement: The reimbursement application can only be made after the article is published (the author or authors will have to make the payment of the publication charges before submitting the application for reimbursement).  The following documents are required for reimbursement application:

·         Reimbursement application form (Download)

·         A copy of the published article as it appears in the Journal

·         Scopus Information

·         Quartile Information

·         Copy of the IAR Approval letter

·         Invoice, Receipt/ Proof of Payment

·         Exchange rate for the date of payment