Campus View

A proverb says, “First impression never comes twice”. On the very first impression people will find that fresh green view of campus with the noticeable open space which is full of fresh energy. 8 lakh square feet thirteen floored rock-solid campus building is just situated with its 20 bigha giant field. The field has capacity of multi category sports facilities. Separate cricket, football, volleyball and badminton ground in one giant field make UIU differentiated from existing other private universities of Bangladesh. Another element of this green campus is the lake flowing beside the field.

Journey for spreading light of knowledge by UIU

October, 2003 the very first journey of UIU was started based on 2 different faculty and 76 students. Over the time period currently 6000 students are studying in UIU. In the last 15 years, more than 6000 students from different departments of UIU have achieved noticeable success on their career. Currently, there are more than two hundred faculty members, including 45 regular teachers with PhD degrees, to teach different subjects in UIU. Untiring effort of faculty members to enhance the quality of education is the pillar of current UIU.

Multimedia, Smart Classroom and Other Facilities

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Currently, there are six undergraduate programs including Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Information System (BBA in AIS) , Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSECO) , Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE).
Post Graduation degree is structured with six subjects including MBA, Evening MBA, Masters in Economics, Development Studies, Master in International HRM and Computer Science. In addition, the Institute of Business and Economic Research (IBER) PGD operates various types of Diploma and Certificate courses including HRM.
Students have the opportunities of doing 10 courses including Graphics Design, Web Design, Game Design and Development, Accounting Management System, Digital Marketing and Professional Java Training through the Center for Development of IT Professionals (CDIP)

Library of UIU

From the very beginning, UIU has been emphasizing on providing library services for students. The library service of UIU is available on five days a week from Saturday to Wednesday between 8 AM to 9 PM. In special case considering the needs and needs of students, library service is provided seven days a week during the exam weeks. Every member of the library can borrow reference books and at a time two books excluding preserved materials for eight days. In addition, students can also borrow CD or DVD for two days. 16 thousand 550 square feet sized library is located on the ground floor of UIU where 400 students can study at the same time. Different corners are available for reading daily newspapers, reservations and reference books. There are six daily newspapers (three of which Bengali and three English) available on daily basis in the library. Books are arranged according to call number, followed by Dewey decimal classification for users to ensure easy access to materials. Currently there are 14,714 books and 6,531 journal-magazines available in the library of UIU. In addition to providing useful services to the library, there are research reports, encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, manuals and NGO publishing. Also there are Business Administration, Management, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Research, Bangla and English Language and Literature, History, Culture, Psychology, Religion, Social Science based books.

Library and E-Resources

The library has huge collection of electronic resources (e-resources). The access is enabled for all students, faculty members and officials. Users can read and download eBooks, e-journals and e-magazines. At present, there are three thousand e-books and 11 lakh 75 thousand e-journal subscribers in the library. Users can access e-resources from anywhere with remote access and discovery services by using a username and password.

Library and Automatic Information Service

In the library of UIU there is a corner named Bangladesh's History, Culture and Liberation War, where there is a collection of books related to Bangladesh's history-tradition and the liberation war and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangladesh Liberation War: Documentary, Liberation War Cell, Military Operation in Liberation War, Liberation War, Birangana story, Bangabandhu's unfinished autobiography, Prison's diary, 266 days of independence, Sheikh Mujib the another name of Bangladesh, language movement in newspapers 1947-1956 etc. are notable collections. Apart from this, there are liberation war films and documentaries, which users can watch sitting in library or they can issue for home.

Library corner for history, culture and liberation war of Bangladesh

The library has huge collection of electronic resources (e-resources). The access is enabled for all students, faculty members and officials. Users can read and download eBooks, e-journals and e-magazines. At present, there are three thousand e-books and 11 lakh 75 thousand e-journal subscribers in the library. Users can access e-resources from anywhere with remote access and discovery services by using a username and password.

Generated solar power in the National grid

In 2017, generated electricity from the sunlight by UIU was connected to the national grid of electricity. A large solar power plant is set up on eight acres of land in PDB premises in Sarishabari, Jamalpur. When the sunlight is there, it produces 3.28 megawatt of electricity, which is directly connected to the national grid. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury designed this huge solar power plant as consultant to NGG Power Plant. Shahriar also designed mini-grid solar power plant and supply system at Char Aashareedhaha in Godagari sub-district of Rajshahi. He has designed almost all solar power plants in Bangladesh, including the built-in design of solar panel of Kaptai. The solar power plant in Nigeria, Kenya, outside the country is also designed by him. In September 29, 2016, a Project named 'Project to Peer-to-Peer Smart Village Grid' won the 'UN Momentum for Change' award at the 22nd climate conference in Morocco and also won the 'Inter Solar Award 2016' held in Munich, Germany on 22-24-2016. In 7-10 December 2016, UIU won the prize of "Indomitable Bangladesh 2016" in Inter-University Competition for 'Automated Irrigation System Youth Smart Monitoring' on occasion of Bangabandhu Power and Energy Week 2016, which was held on the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mining. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury was the leader and chief observer of that project. In remote areas where power is impossible to reach, the UIU's energy research center has shown a lot of success in innovative renewable energy projects. Director of Energy Research Center Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury received the Runner-up Award in Inter-University Innovation Competition in National Electricity Week in 2017. September 6, 2018; On the occasion of "National Electricity Week - 2018" United International University's Demand Response Enabled Smart Grid Project got first place in Inter-university Innovation Competition. This innovative project will automatically send national grid electricity load management and power stealing message to the provider. Apart from this, the customer's electrical service status can be monitored through mobile. For the first time on October 9, 2016, Bangladesh Energy and Power Research Center has donated research worth about four crore taka. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury received the World Education Congress's prestigious 'Educational Leadership Award' at the seventh world education congress held in Mumbai on July 5 and 6 2018 for contributions, education, research and teaching on renewable energy. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury received the World Education Congress's prestigious 'Educational Leadership Award' at the seventh world education congress held in Mumbai on July 5 and 6, 2018 for contributions, education, research and teaching on renewable energy.

VLSI Training Academy

United International University launched the VLSI Courses to make the students skilled for job market. For this, Cadence Tool has been purchased at a cost of Tk 22 lakh, through which students can create both analog and digital IC or Integrated circuits.

AIMS Lab and its success

Advanced Intelligence Multidisciplinary Systems Lab or AIMS Lab was established in 2014 in UIU. Computer science, biomedical engineering research and development are practiced using it. Apart from this, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics are also researched here. Besides, AIMS lab works jointly with concerned IT sector. The key goal of this lab is to improve the quality of life by identifying the problem of technology and inventing new technologies. In 18 April, 2018 AIMS Lab won three ICT awards at the national level and also got award for innovator among the world's 12 best-known innovators. Bangladesh's first-ever "Hyde Foundation Innovative Social Entrepreneur" award was achieved by UIU for Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-Based Health Care Startup CMED Health. Singapore National University and DBS Foundation organized the competition in Singapore from October 15 to 18. 870 social organizations from 42 countries in Asia participated in it. AIMS lab is the asset of UIU which can calculate body blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI through automated device.

Club - Forum & Creativity Development

UIU has 12 clubs and 16 forums to develop students' academic education as well as to develop their creativity and create skilled manpower for the existing competitive market. These clubs and forums organize different types of seminars, cultural events and competitions at the national level throughout the year. UIU students got championed in various events including National Hackathon, Debate Festival and Robotics Competition. Currently, the students graduated from UIU are serving government-based banks, insurance companies, corporate offices and state-of-the-art.

Success story of UIUians

On 7 April, 2018, Team ARKEIN from UIU was the champion of “HSBC-IBA Business Case Competition” which was based on case problem solving. In this competition, 42 teams of 22 universities from all over Bangladesh participate in the first phase of the competition. Five students from UIU got first prize worth BDT 5 Lakh in “Hackathon Competition-2014”. UIU’s student Nusrat Jahan was the champion in “Policy Dialogue Competition – 2018”. Future Leadership Program' organized by Impress Telefilm Limited in 2014. One of the female student from SOBE (School of Business & Economics), UIU named Nuzhat Shahzadi achieved the first place over the competition.

Scholarship for Students

Spring, summer and fall three consecutive trimesters is offered every year to the students who are interested to get admitted in UIU. The process is guided through a written admission test. Students maintaining at least GPA 2.5 in Secondary and Higher Secondary Level are eligible to sit for exam of undergraduate programs. UIU is the only private university, providing the maximum amount of scholarship among students on both scheme scholarship (on the basis of GPA) and waiver (on the basis of CGPA). Waiver is provided respectively 25% for GPA 5 holders, 50% for Golden GPA 5 holders in Higher Secondary Examination. Scholarship is given to top 20% students on the basis of merit in each trimester. Of these, 4 percent students will get 100 percent scholarship, 6 percent will get 50 percent, and the remaining 10 percent students will get 25 percent scholarship. There is another special scholarship based on FFQ (freedom fighters quota) for 3 percent students who maintains only CGPA 2.5


Khan’s Kitchen, Vikrampur’s Khan UIU Cafe and Olympia Palace these 3 different canteens or cafeteria service is available in UIU. The common price list for all three canteens is strictly followed.

Transportation Facility

Due to UIU shifted its campus therefore UIU offers 12 BRTC double-decker buses for the convenience of students. The route of BRTC is fixed with important locations including Dhanmondi, Mohampadpur, Panthapath etc. Apart from this, two free shuttle bus services are available for students from the Campus Gait to Notun Bazaar.

Hostel Facility

Hostel facility for women students is starting in February, this year. This facility will be for 400 students initially nearby UIU. Apart from this, the hostel facility project will be expanded with 5000 student’s capacity. The project will be conducted under the supervision of the United Group.