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A Brief Introduction

United International University envisioned institutional and international excellence in research and established the Institute for Advanced Research (IAR) in 2019 to provide substantial support for the quality research and development activities.
The ranking of a university is primarily judged by its research activities and their outcome. Bangladesh is lagging far behind the international community, even behind the universities' of south Asia region in this respect. As a humble effort to overcome this impediment, IAR was established to create a research initiated environment and supports the scholars to work together for national and international collaboration with Academia and Industry.
IAR promotes research in multidisciplinary areas and provides incentives and statuary framework to encourage Research and Development (R&D), which is virtually absent in most of the public or the private universities in Bangladesh. IAR is a pioneering initiative by UIU to provide R&D fund to set examples for other institutions and bring a qualitative change in the field of R&D.